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Time for Laughter!

Here we are beginning a new year and I continually find myself reflecting on what has been and what is to become. Tonight, as I sit in my…

Me. We.

Me. We. -Muhammad Ali   Two and a half years ago my professor showed us a utube video of Muhammad Ali’s graduation speech at Harvard. He ended his…


I have been thinking about fences a lot lately. Recently, as I posted before, my neighbor tore down my fence and all I wanted was to have it…

K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid)

I have been thinking about technology a lot lately. Merriam-Webster defines technology as useful things invented to solve problems. As a metalsmith and an artist, I love tools…

Communication, Miscommunication and Memory

Recently, I have been thinking about communication, miscommunication and memory.   Today, my fence was torn down. My neighbor hired a fencing company to replace her fence on…

Constructed Reality

I recently had the opportunity to see a colorblind person view the world through “color-correcting” glasses at the Museum of Contemporary Art. It was amazing to witness. Her…

Words and Technology

I have been playing a lot with words lately.  Specifically, I am interested with how they come together in poetry for children.   I spent many years reading…

Epigenetic’s and DNA

Over the last year I have been fascinated with the science of epigenetics and how art and environments can affect us.  Can art change our DNA?  Scared by…



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Intermediate / Advanced Art

Feb 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

Thursday Afternoon 3-5

In this class, a variety of techniques and media will be introduced that can serve to add to the students’ current repertoire and consequently deepen the artist’s practice and individual voice.  The use of mixed media, mono-printing, layering, scraping, papermaking, an exploration of earth art and the incorporation of words/poetry are all possible classes.  or just further developing your style all within an art historical framework.  Please bring a project you are working on to continue your practice between groups of demonstrations / experimentations.  It is the “fabric of the individual voice” that Jenny will try to help cultivate by working with each student.


Jenny is an award-winning, independent, St. Augustine area artist and has shown her work internationally in galleries and museums.  Her formal education includes a BS from Vanderbilt University, a certificate in Museum Studies from Northwestern University and an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


Materials:  Bring to class the materials you enjoy using in your practice along with a current project.  Don’t worry, if you are “stuck”, we can discuss.  For example:  a variety of acrylic paints, brushes, watercolor paints, papers, inventive mark-makers, colored pencils, graphite, fine markers, a palette (paper plates work well!), inspirational writings, sketchbook thoughts, a rag for clean-up, a cup for water, a pencil and eraser, sketchbook paper, a plastic bag to transport your piece etc… (I also invite water soluble oil paints (traditional oils are too caustic to bring to class) as well, but these may be harder to transport while wet).

Jenny can be contacted via email with any questions:  [email protected]


Shores Riverview Club

St. Augustine Shores Service Corp.

790 Christina Drive | St. Augustine, FL  32086


Price:  $65 per person for 5 weeks in February

Space is limited.

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