Here we are beginning a new year and I continually find myself reflecting on what has been and what is to become. Tonight, as I sit in my kitchen, which is where we all tend to gather, I hear my daughter laugh out loud with gusto as she watches a show on her computer upstairs. Laughing out loud is wonderful! It is healthy and happy! I don’t know? It seems to me that it is rare to hear what I call whole-belly laughter. Unrestricted happy!

I am currently developing a new “edgy”, wearable collection. It is severe, hard. Every time I show it to someone they seem to love it and to relate. Hmmmm….the world is spinning so very fast and is changing at an unprecedented rate with the progress of technology. It is hard and alienating. There seems to be nothing soft about it. Maybe I should create a few funny “soft” pieces sprinkled in the collection for fun! We could all use a good laugh once in awhile. 🙂