I have been playing a lot with words lately.  Specifically, I am interested with how they come together in poetry for children.   I spent many years reading to my children.  Now they are older and I find myself writing children’s poetry instead of reading it.  My poems are inspired by the memories of their young explorations and mishaps.  I hope that, in the end, I will be able to get this work published.

Recently, I found myself wondering if a regular book with poems and illustrations will capture the attention of a child today.   Apparently, now there are even books that read to children so the parents don’t have to.

About a year ago I learned about augmented reality.  Maybe this is something that should be integrated into the book as well.

So, last weekend, after about eight hours of trial and error, I have made my first simple augmented reality bug on a leaf.  I have not shared it publicly yet, the drawings are rough, but it works!  When I point my phone on my leaf image, a googly-eyed cicada pops on it as I look through my phone.  I was also able to add my voice reading the poem through the augmented reality app as well.  Success!  We will see how long the next image takes, but right now I am very excited.