Over the last year I have been fascinated with the science of epigenetics and how art and environments can affect us.  Can art change our DNA?  Scared by a black lab when she was two months old, my daughter still has a fear of black sculptures.

I think about the power art can have with every piece I make.

My work began in jewelry, so the interaction of “the body” and art has always interested me.  Whether I am making a large-scale sculptural piece that can be worn or an installation, my favorite works are pieces that “the body” can step in to and interact with.

As I move through my last year at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago working toward my MFA, I plan to focus my energies on more of these “couture-like” pieces that can not only be viewed but also interacted with.  These “statement necklaces” can be lifted off the canvas and be worn.  What does it feel like to wear a necklace constructed out of seven days of bags?  Or a necklace made out of one day of junk mail?  Or a piece constructed out of pods collected in the Fall?  This is what I am working on with more to come.